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About Trail Monkey

Trail Monkey started in January 2018 – our mission was to spread our love of the trails to all and show just how beautiful our island is.

Trail Monkey offers trail races, ranging from 5km to 10km, Trail Half Marathons and Ultra Marathons – our ethos is to include anyone who wants to be part of our community – we have built quite a community of Trail Monkeys through 2018 and we hope to make all newcomers welcome and feel included regardless of ability or running experience. We hope to challenge runners, in a safe well organised environment and see you finish our races with a smile.

More details about our community here and more details about all our events here

Paul Burrows

I have been a keen runner myself for quite a few years – having taken part in numerous Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultra Marathons. I started running in 2010 after being overweight and realising that things needed to change: I got a place in the 2011 London marathon and the journey began, I loved the feeling that running gave me and I made a lot of friends both in Jersey and the UK through races and social runs. I have stopped racing so much but still enjoy running at a more sedate pace, at the moment I think my main focus is Trail Monkey but I hope to go back to running Ultras and the like in the near future.

I would advocate running to all and feel passionately that all people who want to, should feel welcome at our events, regardless of running ability. I can remember myself doing events and the finish line having been packed up by the time I had finished so I really want to ensure that people don’t get this experience at my races. 

We also set up park run in 2015 here in Jersey and I quickly realised that there are so many people who want to run and don’t feel confident enough to go and start running with a club so I sought with park run and Trail Monkey to try and make people realise that running is for all and to come and get involved.


Nicola Gott

At all Trail Monkey races you will also see Co-Founder Nicola Gott who has also taken part in numerous, marathons and ultra marathons and was with Paul from the very beginning of Jersey parkrun. 

Nicola first did the London marathon in 2012 and then after that went on to do the Round the Rock Ultra Marathon here a few times. Over the years Nicola and Paul have been on some great running adventures and set up park run in Jersey, which cemented their love for running both at a participation and organising level. 

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