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Essential Race Day Information


We are able to stage these events on the cliff paths as a privilege and on the understanding that we “leave no trace”. We ask that any wrappers for gels, water bottles or snacks are either disposed of suitably or held on to until there is a bin available. Please be considerate to other people using the paths – please give them right of way and say good morning to everyone to show what a lovely bunch us runners are.


The finish line will be at the old Milano Bars site – located here in St Ouens, there is a little car parking here as well as at L’Etacq and the car park opposite Jersey Pearl. Parking is at the risk of runners and we suggest car sharing to minimise the impact of the effect on other users of the car parks at both ends.

Key Event Times

Friday 6th March – Race Pack Pickup from True Food Sports Nutrition on Bond Street Between 12pm and 3pm – please make sure that you attend to pick the race packs up on this day – it is so busy on the morning of the race and there is a lot to co-ordinate so it would be ideal not to have to check people in in addition to this and could delay the start of the race.

Race Briefing – Will be held at 8:45am on Sunday 8th March 2020

The race will start at 9am – The Start is at Les Platons car park (Where the Beez Kneez cafe is) and the finish is at Milano Bars, La Verte Rue, St Ouens.

Race Pack Contents

Event Buff
Re-Usable Event Collapsible Water Cup
Race Number

Event HQ

Will be at the finish point

Assistance During The Event

Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. The race is a Trail 1/2 marathon however the distance will definitely not be bang on 13.1 miles, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The course is marked to ensure that at decision points you will be told where to go, the general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each twist and turn will not be marked, however as long as you keep the sea on your right, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine.

Water stations are 5 miles apart on this course and you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations and if it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. From 2020 we will be going cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints you will be required to carry your own re usable cup. Because the race is in March, it may be hot, it may be cold – please train in anticipation of this and take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort on the day. At check points we will provide essentials – any further requirements will need to be carried.

If you suffer from any medical conditions please ensure that you place a Red Cross on your race number before race day, and write your medical conditions on the back of the race number with a I.C.E. contact also.

The Course

The course is 13.1 miles mostly off road with a little bit of road. The Course will be signposted or marked with red and white barrier tape. The race starts at Les Platons and Finishes at Milano Bars in St Ouens.

A course description video is available on our website:



Minimum Kit Requirements

-A bottle or receptacle to carry water
-Energy Gels or Snacks
-A charged mobile phone
-Suitable running shoes for trails
-Sun cream if it is sunny
-Waterproof jacket if raining

Event Sponsors

We are so pleased to announce a new collaboration between the guys at True Food Sport Nutrition and Trail Monkey. They are sponsoring the upcoming El-Diablo Trail Half and the El-Classico Half in August. Kit and Paul are specialists in Sports Nutrition and can provide you with personalised training and race nutrition advice to help you excel with running. They will be hosting a special race specific event for entrants on 10th February on running nutrition. Please visit their website here 

We would also like to thank the department of the environment for letting us put this event on and also showcasing the beautiful cliff paths and coastal paths here in Jersey.

A big thank you also to everyone who will be marshalling the course to make the event a safe fun one. Thanks for your ongoing support guys I couldn’t do these events without you

Event Contact Details

In the event of an emergency during the event, call 999 to get help. Once the emergency has been resolved please contact myself on the number below:

All entrants must make a note of my number:

Paul 07797827383

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