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2020 Entries Now Open!

What: 100km Race

Where – Starting at St Catherines Breakwater

When: 27/11/20 10pm

UTMB Points:  4

Solo Race 100k – £85

Solo Race 50k – £50

2 Man Relay – £130

3 Man Relay – £160

GPX file available for download here

2019 Results here

This is the inaugural running of the Channel Isles longest race so far – the C.I.100km!

We are offering you the opportunity to run 100km in Jersey, this is going to be an epic event, places are limited so don’t delay!

2019 – Results below:

Starting at 10pm the race will set off from the end of St Catherines Breakwater. Travelling along the North Coast of Jersey to the far left at Les Landes, carrying on along St Ouens Beach, before carrying on to the turn around point at St Brelaides Parish Hall, St Aubins. This is an out and back course, the cut off time is 14 hours and there will be aid stations at every 10 miles. Cutoffs will be in operation at every checkpoint (to be communicated) 

Event Info Breakdown

General Information

Mandatory kit requirements are as follows: 

-A bottle or receptacle to carry water – at least 500ml.

-Energy Gels or Snacks 

-A charged mobile phone

-Suitable running shoes for trails

-Waterproof jacket and trousers if raining and a warm base layer
-Warm hat/buff
-Clothing that will enhance visibility
-1 x Headtorch and spare batteries or spare head torch

The race is not only the longest race in the Channel Isles, it will take place at night starting at 10pm in the middle of winter. We will be there to support you but make no mistake this will be a tough challenge. Great prep for those doing further races in the early part of 2020 (Arc of attrition, The Spine etc) 

Entries now open – please see below!

Points to Note: 

Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. There will be other mandatory kit items for this race which will be announced in due course. The race is a 100km race, however the distance will definitely not be bang on 100km, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The course is marked to ensure that at decision points you will be told where to go, the general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each twist and turn will not be marked, however as long as you keep the sea on your right on the way out and on the left on the way back, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine.

Water stations are 10 miles apart on this course: you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations and if it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. We will also be going cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints you will be required to carry your own re usable cup. Because the race is in November, it will generally be expected that it may be cold – please train in anticipation of this and take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort and warmth on the day. On the aid stations there will be supplies such as coke, sweets, some savoury food and some soups on at least one of the stations, however runners are expected to bring enough calories to support themselves, with the food at CP’s being supplementary to this. 

If you suffer from any medical conditions please ensure that you place a Red Cross on your race number before race day, and write your medical conditions on the back of the race number with a I.C.E. contact also. 

Course Map

GPX file available for download here

50k Solo Race

The 50k race will start at the same time as the 100k race and will finish at the half way point at St Aubins of the 100k race. There will be a strict 7 hour cutoff time to qualify for a finishers race for the 50k race. Runners doing the 100k will not be able to drop down to 50k race in the middle of the race. All other information and details remain the same as the 100k race.

Relay Options


We have a 2 person relay option and 3 person relay option for this race also!

If you want to be part of the event but 100km is a little far, why not pull a team together for the event and do a 20 mile or 30 mile leg? We only have a few places for each relay race but it is a great way to be part of the event or if you are interested in perhaps running this distance in the future. This will be a great event and the relay race is a great way to get experience of a race run at night and the demands of this type of race if you have ambitions to do races of a similar style in the near future.

2019 Event Photos

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