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Our Sponsors

Oak Group

Oak Group are the 2020 Sponsors of the Double Top Ultra & also Round The Rock.

The Oak Group is a new private client, corporate services and fund administration business that was formed in 2018 through the consolidation of Oak Trust Group, the Consortia Partnership and Kreston IOM. This new Group has over 60 years collective experience, clients in over 50 countries and in excess of GBP20 billion of assets under administration.

The Oak Team comprises over 160 employees, with qualifications in a wide range of disciplines including accountancy, law, company secretarial, technology, trust and estate planning, compliance and investments and has offices in Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta and Mauritius.

Nicola Gott is the Managing Director of Oak Group in Jersey, with over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector, she was appointed to lead the Jersey office in 2018. Outside of work, Nicola is well known to the Jersey running community, having worked with Paul Burrows in establishing Park run in Jersey and more latterly ‘Trail Monkey’ running events.

 “As a business we understand the importance of activity and sport in our communities and Oak is actively supporting events in each of the jurisdictions where our offices are based. I am personally thrilled that Oak Jersey is able to sponsor this inaugural Ultra marathon race in our beautiful island.  Paul and I have had the pleasure of introducing many people to Trail running over the last eighteen months, including some of our very own Oak colleagues. This race however takes running to a new level of endurance seeing runners push themselves over 40 miles, 6000 feet of ascent, taking in the stunning, yet challenging northern cliff paths on an ‘out and back’ route. We wish all the runners the very best of luck and look forward to being involved and supporting them on the day.”

Recovery Golf Jersey

Recovery Golf aims to transform lives through participation in meaningful golfing activities tailored to individual needs and abilities.

They aim to promote the far-reaching benefits of sport and empower and support any individuals to overcome physical, emotional, social or psychological problems. We offer inclusive, accessible and safe environments and provide support networks where applicable to encourage everyone to develop a love of the game while working through personal difficulties.

Who is it for?

We want to empower individuals and help them overcome a wide range of problems, be it physical or mental. Recovery Golf is here to offer a secure and inclusive environment to be comfortable and grow.

This includes but is not limited to…


Sometimes in life we can look back and pinpoint specific events or moments in which we knew life would never be the same. This may include bereavement, divorce, illness or injury for example.


There are times when we can all feel lonely or isolated. This can be for straightforward reasons like being away from home, losing friends and retirement or it can be more complex.


Golf is the perfect game for all and this includes those with disabilities. Modifications can be made to allow players with disabilities to play alongside other golfers both disabled or able-bodied.


This can refer to a wide range of conditions – Disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour. We believe that golf can help to alleviate some key mental health issues through social interaction and physical activity.


The modern life has made a lot of things easier in many respects, information, automation, computerisation. But it can come at a cost. We believe golf can help with some of these problems including weight management and addiction.

A massive thanks to Recovery Golf and Alex Mollin (one of our Trail Monkey runners) for sponsoring the Winter Trail Series 2020. Please be sure to check out the Recovery Golf website here

Trail Monkey & True Food Nutrition

We are so pleased to announce a new collaboration between the guys at True Food Sport Nutrition and Trail Monkey. They are sponsoring the upcoming El-Diablo Trail Half and the El-Classico Half in August.

Kit Chamier and Paul Garrod are specialists in Sports Nutrition and can provide you with personalized training and race nutrition advice to help you excel with running. They work with a wide range of athletes including endurance runners. They aim to provide trustworthy nutrition advice to help support and maintain quality training and race performances. You can visit to find out more, or pop into Bond Street Health to meet them. They work with you as an individual to make sure your needs are tailored, effective and realistic.

If you want to contact them directly just email them here

Performance Physiotherapy Jersey

Performance Physiotherapy offers world-class care in the centre of St Helier.

Performance Physiotherapy are the 2020 Sponsors of our 2020 NightTrail Series, which includes the Batterie Moltke Night Run, The Val De La Mare Night Run and the Rozel Reaper Night Run

Whether you are recovering from childbirth or skiing Olympic giant-slalom, Performance Physiotherapy can help. Our physiotherapists have postgraduate qualifications and many years of experience, to help you to rehabilitate in a safe, comfortable way.

We believe in maintaining a positive, evidence-based approach, under which patients can recover rapidly from pain and injury, and reach their highest physical goals.

Our Clinic Offers

-World Class Sports Injury Management

-Individualised Treatment Programmes

-Together we will create an action plan that suits your needs and your issue.

-A Unique Health (Pelvic Floor) Service

-Men’s and Women’s health (pelvic floor) service

-Flexible Appointment Times

-Flexible appointment times with the ability to arrange around work times.

-Open 6 Days a Week

-Convenient Locations

-Convenient central St Helier based locations.

Please visit their website here for more information.

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