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Trail Monkey Group Runs


Trail Monkey Running Groups

We are so excited to announce that we will be starting a series of group runs through winter 2019 – 2020. The main aim is to create a bit of a community to train together and to get ready for some of the events we have planned in 2020. Whether that be 5km, 10km, Half Marathon or Ultra, all are welcome. 

The Tuesday night runs are at Queens Valley Reservoir (Top Carpark) – 6:15pm Warmup and we start the run at 6:30pm sharp. All runners are welcome to join us no matter what your ability. We have three groups, the quicker runners will run with James, medium group with Leanne and Paul will run at the rear of the rest of the runners. Its a nice relaxed session and we generally cover 2-4 miles depending on however many loops of the reservoir you wish to do. The aim of the sessions are to get used to night running, running on trails and to develop strength and conditioning particular for trail running and longer distance running. 

Before your first session you must complete this Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire We require this before you run as we need to be aware of any medical issues etc etc. If you haven’t completed this before the day we run you must wait until the next available session 

Our Group Values

We have organised these runs as a way to facilitate community through running. These runs will be free of charge and open to all. Because of this we ask the following of you if you wish to participate:

– Come to the sessions with an open mind, a smile and a willingness to welcome the new people who join the group 

– Leave your ego at the door and focus on the enjoyment of running, the social aspect of being together with like-minded people and treat everyone with respect, this is a unique opportunity in the week to be together with other runners so make the best of it!

– Arrive in plenty of time to run and bring the correct equipment for each session, if in doubt please do ask and we will advise you

– Before your first session please complete this Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire We require this before you run as we need to be aware of any medical issues etc etc. If you haven’t completed this before the day we run you must wait until the next available session 

Equipment Requirements

For these runs you are going to need: 

Trail Shoes


Water bottle for water and any snacks you wish to bring

Waterproofs (if raining)

A Smile 🙂

Run Group Leaders

Leanne Rive


Leanne will be taking the Tuesday night running group – Leanne has her own PT business and is a successful Ultra Runner, with numerous race victories and podium finishes under her belt. As with all of us at Trail Monkey she is hoping to attract people to the groups who are new to trail running, or who want to take their abilities to the next level. 


James Manners

James will be taking the Sunday morning running group, which will be starting soon (watch social media for this). Most Trail Monkey runners will know James from some of the longer distance races that he has taken part in with us. James also has numerous Ultra races under his belt, and was also a amateur boxer. James is intending to setup his own personal training business in the near future and is currently gaining his running coach qualifications where he will be offering personalised coaching and bespoke training plans for runners of all abilities. We will be meeting at pre agreed points at 8am on a Sunday morning. Please check our Facebook group here for more up to date information on venues and dates.

As with Leannes groups all are welcome to join the Sunday morning groups, we will be catering for all abilities and building the distance slowly through the winter to help people get a good endurance base for 2020. 

Paul Burrows

I have been a keen runner myself for quite a few years – having taken part in numerous Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultra Marathons. I started running in 2010 after being overweight and realising that things needed to change: I got a place in the 2011 London marathon and the journey began, I loved the feeling that running gave me and I made a lot of friends both in Jersey and the UK through races and social runs. I have stopped racing so much but still enjoy running at a more sedate pace, at the moment I think my main focus is Trail Monkey but I hope to go back to running Ultras and the like in the near future.

I would advocate running to all and feel passionately that all people who want to, should feel welcome at our events, regardless of running ability. I can remember myself doing events and the finish line having been packed up by the time I had finished so I really want to ensure that people don’t get this experience at my races. 

I also set up park run in 2015 here in Jersey and I quickly realised that there are so many people who want to run and don’t feel confident enough to go and start running with a club so I sought with parkrun and Trail Monkey to try and make people realise that running is for all and to come and get involved. These group runs will be an extension of that and hopefully will encourage all runners who fancy it to come and have a go!

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