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Trail Monkey Virtual Monthly Challenge

What:  5km | 10km | 1/2 Marathon | Marathon Distance Virtual Challenge

When: Start 1st June 2020

Where: Anywhere you like!

Cost: Free


The idea is simple, pick either a 5km, 10km, 13.1 mile or marathon course of your liking (or all 4 if you fancy!) and run it, then over the course of the month of June run it 2 more times and then the person with the biggest improvement in their time is the winner! Male and Female winners of each challenge distance will win a much coveted Trail Monkey Buff!!

**********Slight change to June’s challenge – if you have previously completed the challenge at a distance you have to step up to the next distance in the challenge ladder. (e.g. if you did 5kms in April or May you must now do 10kms to qualify – only exception to this is if you intend to do 3 lots of all 4 distances)**************

How Does this work?

Firstly go to Strava and find the Trail Monkey Strava Clu-Join the club

-Decide on the challenge you would like to do – 5km, 10km or 1/2 Marathon or Marathon (or all four!!)

-Pick a course that you like anywhere in Jersey, UK or the world that is equal to the distance you have selected.

-Record the run you do either with a GPS watch or the Strava app (this course will need to be run each time you do the challenge for consistency)

-Once complete save the run as a race in Strava

-Ensure the race is set to public

****Very important bit below:****

-Download this app and after every challenge run record the run in this, this ensures that I don’t miss the run as Strava only has a 24 hour record on the timeline and was an admin nightmare in April!

Notes about this Challenge

The Spirit of This Challenge

The idea of this is to promote a bit of motivation and to provide a bit of a challenge to people during this period of social distancing. It might occur to some that you could simply walk the first attempt and therefore any attempt after this where you run will mean a significant improvement, but the spirit of this is to push oneself and to aim for solid improvement over the month. We will be doing this in April and then May, and will be monitoring the runs of each participant. There will be a prize of a coveted Trail Monkey buff to each Male and Female winner of each category so its high stakes people!! We will announce the winners 3-5 days after each months has ended and we have had time to collate the results.

A few rules and requirements: 

-Make sure your run activity is tagged as a race.

– Manual entries will not count towards your Challenge effort, however treadmill and indoor runs will if you can provide a photo of the treadmill final distance.

-Please ensure your activity visibility control is set to “Everyone”.

-You can learn more about managing your activity’s privacy controls here.

In the run title on Strava please input the title Trail Monkey Challenge – 5km or 10km, 1/2 Marathon or Marathon somewhere in the title – this will enable us to know this is your challenge run. (If you don’t do this the run won’t count in the challenge sorry, lots of people are doing this challenge and it will take a bit of admin so your help in this is really important) 

-Following the close of the race window, you will have three days to upload your results.

-To qualify as an entrant to the challenge you will have to run the same course of the nominated distance at least 3 times each month that the challenge is on and not have run this distance in a previous months challenge.

-You can enter one, two three or four of the challenges, but must run each of the challenge courses a minimum of 3 times for each challenge distance and they must be operate runs and courses for each distance. 

-Once the month is finished we will collate the results and work out the differences in time between the quickest and slowest times for each runner for each challenge distance and announce the winners based on the greatest difference or the improvement over the month

-Ultimately this is a bit of fun to keep people motivated and out there running if we are able. Post photos on our Facebook group afterwards here to let people know how you’re getting on!!

Helpful tips

-New to Strava? Check out our Getting Started Guides for mobile and web.

-Already have a dedicated GPS device? Find out how to upload to Strava from yours.

-Set up your device for success:

    • Record a test activity and get familiar with the recording and upload process (recording guides for iOS and Android).
    • Give your phone (or other GPS devices) time to acquire a solid GPS connection.
    • Close other apps before using Strava.

-To ensure you meet the Challenge goal, we recommend you run a small amount over the required distance (about .5km / .3mi). GPS isn’t perfect so this will help accommodate data inaccuracies.

-Having trouble uploading? Here are some helpful tips to help troubleshoot for iOS and Android.

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