St Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles

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The Recovery Process

The Importance of Recovery Often the most overlooked part of training for any endurance event, recovery is the part of the process where the magic happens. I know a lot of Trail Monkey runners are really putting in the miles currently and I know that a few have had a few strains/injuries here and there. …
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Eating On The Run

So now we are at the 2-hour mark for the training runs, its not a bad idea to talk and think about what you need to eat or consume to keep the show on the road for the amount of time you are out running. I have always been of the mind that up to…
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Training For A Marathon / Ultra Marathon

With the recent popularity of Trail Monkey and parkrun here in Jersey, I have been so impressed to see people starting out running a 5km, then graduating to 10km, half marathons, trail runs and on to marathons and beyond. It is amazing to see, and so inspiring to see the change that people have effected…
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Arch to Arc Jersey August 2016

7am Saturday 30th July So its finally here.. Stood at the start of my latest challenge about to run 11 miles, swim 21 miles and cycle 260 miles – from Jersey to Paris in France. The challenge was called Arch to Arc – we didn’t have a Marble Arch here in Jersey so a specially…
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The Run Up To The Marathon Des Sables

So just over 5 weeks till the MDS and compared to 2 years ago when I was getting ready to do the 28th MDS I am a lot more cool calm and collected this time round. I recall a 2 year lead in to training for that race and sourcing, comparing gear, losing weight, worrying about…
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RtRx7 The Aftermath – Or The Toll 7 Ultra Marathons Took On My Body 3 Months Later..

It’s just under 3 months after I ran 336 miles in one week, did 7 ultra marathons in 7 days and completed one of the most significant events in my life so far. Upon finishing the week my body broke down as soon as I crossed the finish line it felt, everything that had held…
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Post Round The Rock x 7

Its just over 2 months ago I set off to run 7 times around the island of Jersey in 7 days – 48 miles per day, 336 miles in a week. I initially dreamed up this challenge because 7 marathons in 7 days had been done here and I wanted to up the ante. It…
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Endurancelife Classic Quarter June 2014

After the dramas of Transvulcania I decided that the only way to put the ghosts of my DNF to rest was to quit ultra-running altogether and take up scuba diving instead. Well that was my initial thought anyway, but then common sense prevailed, I realised I had about 14 pairs of running shoes, multiple rucksacks…
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Transvulcania – The Directors Cut

Omens and superstition… I never really used to go in much for these but over the last few years I have really begun to take them seriously. Take for example Magpies; when I see one on its own (which seems to be an alarming amount at the moment as I live next to a field…
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Transvulcania 2014 Build Up

So I am here finally! It is the first major race of the year for me, and after a bit of a mission of a journey to get here, spanning 24 hours, 3 flights and quite a bit of waiting around I am here on the La Isla Bonita to be part of the toughest…
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